Avoiding Car Accidents During Snowbird Season in Texas

Used to describe a person who moves from a colder climate to a warmer one in the winter, “snowbirds” are common in Texas, where temperatures rarely dip anywhere near as low as they do in the northern United States. And although snowbirds flock to Texas to take advantage of the milder winter weather, there are two things of which to be aware:

  • First, Texas can and does experience adverse weather during the winter, including snow and ice.
  • Second, bad weather or not, more people in Texas during the winter can mean more congestion on the roads, and therefore a higher risk of accident.

If you live in Texas year-round, here are some tips for avoiding accidents with snowbirds when the population picks up during the winter.

Consider Other Ways of Commuting

When people head to Texas for the winter, there are more drivers on the road. Remember that because of the increase in population, commute times may be longer than they typically are.

You can do your part to reduce congestion by carpooling or taking public transportation. To reduce your risk of an accident in high-traffic times, consider leaving the house earlier to avoid the rush.

Stay Focused

With out-of-state drivers on our roads, things can get a little crazy. Not only are you having to deal with more drivers and more congestion, but you may also have to deal with drivers who don’t know their way around. As such, the risk of error is greater, and driving defensively is even more important than ever.

Stay focused on the road, put distractions away, and don’t give in to road rage if other drivers engage in dangerous or frustrating behaviors.

Exercise Extra Caution When Road or Weather Conditions Are Less than Ideal

If road or weather conditions are rough ─ i.e. construction projects, rain, or fog ─ exercise extra caution. This means ensuring that your vehicle is up to the task, with tires that have the appropriate amount of air pressure, brakes that are working properly, and fully functioning windshield wipers. It also means slowing down and traveling at a speed that is safe for conditions, even if that speed is below the speed limit.

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