Is It Worth It to Ride in an Ambulance for a Minor Injury?

Car accidents and the injuries associated with them are distressingly common in Texas. And since ambulances are often dispatched after a crash, many victims who have suffered minor car accident injuries wonder whether it is actually worth accepting the ride.

It is certainly understandable that many people try to avoid taking the ambulance if they feel their injuries are minor. After all, ambulance rides are expensive. Indeed, the Austin American-Statesman reported that ambulance service costs regularly rise to more than $1,000 per trip.

However, even with that said, it is still strongly in your best interests to take an ambulance after suffering a car accident injury. This is true for two important reasons:

  • Your injuries are always unknown. You may think your injuries are minor, but you do not actually know for sure. After a crash, your body is pumped up and it is full of adrenaline. This means that the pain will often be hidden. Further, many common car accident injuries, including concussions, whiplash, and back injuries, come with a delayed onset. The bottom line is that your injuries may be far more serious than you know. You should take the ambulance and let a professional find out the true severity.
  • Your attorney can help you pursue compensation for the cost of the ambulance. Although ambulance services are no doubt expensive, the burden does not have to fall on you. As a victim of an accident, you can seek compensation for the full extent of your losses. This includes ambulance costs and costs related to other emergency treatment.

Who Can Ride in an Ambulance?

In Texas, all injured accident victims are permitted to ride in an ambulance. Additionally, in most cases, one family member or close friend at the accident scene may be able to ride with you for support. Ultimately, though, that depends on the specific policy of the responding emergency medical services team.

Do You Have to Pay for an Ambulance if You Don’t Go?

In most situations, you are legally allowed to decline an ambulance ride in Texas. However, you might still be charged for services provided even if you decline. How can that be? If emergency workers gave you any type of medical assessment at the scene of the accident, you are likely to get a bill for those services. This is true even if the assessment was very basic in nature.

Since all medical care is extraordinarily expensive, even a refused ride can carry a hefty bill. Fortunately, an experienced Austin personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation for all accident costs.

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